El Man Show 002 – Dr. Larry Duran, Julio Perez, con DJ Moyo

DJ Moyo and Julio Perez are joined by Dr. Larry Duran, Colombian-American Musician, Physician, and Business Man and have a stimulating conversation ranging from the Crazy Colombian Adventures to Clowning for the Presidency… This one is for the books… Enjoy the conversation


Larry Duran, El Medico del Vallenato https://www.facebook.com/LarryDuranMu… https://twitter.com/larryduranmusic

Julio Perez, Manager and Producer for El Arranke Podcast https://www.instagram.com/julioperez13/

DJ Moyo https://www.facebook.com/djmoyo https://twitter,com/djmoyo https://www.instagram.com/djmoyo

00:00:00 Hombre de Experiencia with Larry Duran

00:01:00 Julio critiques Larry Duran’s last show

00:03:30 Big white ones

00:04:30 Colombian in Jersey and a New Yorker

00:04:30 Moyo’s Oldest

00:07:00 Generations Podcast

00:08:15 Papi with Bass

00:09:30 Lisandro Meza featured on Larry’s Single

00:10:20 Colombianas in Mexico

00:11:09 Who’s robbing who?

00:12:10 Escobar aftermath

00:15:25 Gorilas and problems

00:17:20 Gorilas and Escobar $

00:18:30 Netflix and Everything Escobar

00:19:25 Penelope Cruz a Dragon?

00:21:20 Get Popeye

00:22:20 New Generation of Cocaine Cowboys

00:25:30 Helicopers Again?!

00:26:45 Sex and Gun Amendments

00:28:30 Big Guns

00:30:30 Julio Felt the Power

00:31:30 Trailers

00:32:30 Right to Open Carry

00:34:00 Border Protection

00:35:00 Burros vs Mules

00:36:20 Can u Swallow?

00:38:30 Larry Up to His Neck

00:39:30 MJ’s Harley

00:42:40 Cells and No Drug Problems

00:49:30 The Wall

00:51:00 Amping up the border Amping the people

00:53:30 Clowing to Run

00:56:10 A.D.D. kicks in


01:02:00 Don’t scare the people

01:04:00 Butt break

01:06:00 Who’s doing it right

01:09:30 Moyo’s Border Story

01:15:00 When English Get You In Trouble (Larry)

01:19:45 Be Cool, We Cool

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